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Made for the GMTK Game Jam.  

How to play:

- Move with WASD (S = interact, W = jump)
- "Save" sinners by chucking bibles at them (SHIFT or Left-Click)
- Reload on bibles by breaking crates

-Avoid temptation! A value of (100) Temptation means you lose.

- Pick up bibles and break crates with (S)
- Bibles weigh you down but picking them up decreases temptation
(Hint : If you need to decrease temptation, throw a bible and pick it up even if no enemies are around)

  • Title : Mormaniac
  • Description: You play as a Mormon who is trying to evangelize the sinners in the streets by throwing bibles at their faces.  Can you avoid temptation from the sinners?
  • How your submission matches the theme
    • Throwing bibles kills enemies and also makes you lighter, while picking them up increases health but decreases speed/jump height.
  • The platform(s) your game is intended to run on
    • In-browser
    • It works on Mac for sure.
  • It works on Mac for sure, not sure if I set it up properly for other platforms.
  • A list of any third-party resources utilized, such as engines, assets, libraries, frameworks and tools. Please include links to licenses where available
    • Unity Personal Edition
  • Complete contributor credits, i.e. an exhaustive list of all participants and contributors to the submission
    • Programming/Production: Jack LaLonde
    • Music: Max O'Meara and Jack LaLonde
    • Art: Stephen Pipilas and Jack LaLonde


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